Changes We’ve Made for Our Patient’s Safety

1. Please wear a mask or face covering (nose and mouth) upon entering the facility
2. Come alone to your appointment if possible
3. Wash your hands before arriving and when leaving the office. Hand sanitizer is available at front desk if unable to wash prior to arriving.
4. Brush and floss prior to your appointment.
5. Do not exercise or drink anything hot or cold withing 30 minutes of your appointment as it could alter your temperature reading.
6. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment.
a- Wait in your car and phone desk that you have arrived. 704-664-5311
b- Staff will assist you with any upcoming appointments and any payments for you visit right from your phone.
c- Staff will assist you with any needed forms for your appointment that could not be completed online prior to your appointment
d- Please have a current med list ready
7. Clinical staff will escort you to your sterilized room. Please limit any accompanying persons as much as possible for their safety. We realize this is not always possible. We are limited to 2-3 persons in the lobby at a time for safe social distancing. It is preferable to have accompanying persons remain in their vehicle.
8. Once your procedure is completed, clinical staff will escort you to your vehicle.
9. We will be careful and cognizant of social distancing at all times for your health and safety.
10. Please follow 14 day self-quarantine guidelines if you have been exposed or potentially exposed to the virus. Reschedule any appointments after the 14 day quarantine has elapsed.
11. Should you need further assistance or other special accommodations, please notify the staff prior to your appointment day.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment during this pandemic. We love our patients and our community and look forward to seeing you all again to keep your mouth healthy and your smile shining.

Dr. Bickley & Staff