Children’s Teeth and Trauma
Trauma to teeth can occur at any age. But for young, active children, trauma is a common malady. The most common age group to incur tooth trauma is between 1 ½ and 3. It is a vulnerable age as they are learning to walk and explore the world. The second most vulnerable age group for trauma extends through the eruption of the new permanent front teeth. Upper front teeth sustain injury more frequently due to their forward position versus other teeth. By age 8-12, 50% of children had incurred some sort of dental trauma.
Ways to lessen risk of tooth trauma include positioning coffee tables and end tables/nightstands in areas of less child traffic or cushioning table edges. Be sure children have footwear or socks that lessen the risk of slipping on hardwood or tile floors. Accidents are never fully preventable but we can lessen a child’s chances for trauma.
Sports are another common area for tooth trauma concern. Almost 40% of dental trauma occurs during a sporting event. We want our children to be active physically for their overall health. We can minimize sports induced trauma by providing athletic mouth guards. They are highly effective at preventing injury and come in a variety of styles and custom colors.
If an accident does occur and a tooth is knocked out or fractured, see our website under General information/education tab, you will find the emergency dental information. We are here to help in the event of your child’s emergency dental trauma.