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Composite and Amalgam Fillings

Fillings repair teeth that have been chipped, broken, decayed, worn or misshaped and prevent further damage or pain to your mouth. Our office provides several filling options including composite and amalgam fillings, each offering unique advantages.

Since composite fillings closely match the color of your teeth, they are more difficult to detect making them the ideal choice for a more natural smile. Most composite fillings can be completed in a day and provide exceptional strength under normal chewing conditions.

Which to Choose?

Used for more than a century, amalgam fillings consist of a metal alloy that combines silver, tin, copper and other metals such as gold. Because of their superb strength and durability, amalgam fillings are often recommended for back molars used for chewing. Amalgam fillings also work well for deep fillings below the gum line. While not as natural-looking as a composite filling, amalgam fillings are a more cost-effective option.

Hot and Cold Sensitivity

After you have a composite or amalgam filling, your tooth might be more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This sensation should subside within a few days or weeks.

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