Covid times are changing!!
Somehow we have made it begrudgingly through 2+ years of Covid. As Covid case numbers fall and natural /vaccine resistance to the myriad of Covid strains increases, things are slowly getting back to normal. As our sometimes onerous CDC and OSHA restrictions ease, we will make changes in our procedures to ease your burden on your visits. You may have noticed that we no longer take your temperature as you enter. Our patients can now come into the lobby upon arrival for appointments versus waiting in the car (a blessing on rainy, hot, or cold days.) Please continue to check in with the front desk for a verbal screening first before entering the lobby. The CDC still holds healthcare facilities to a higher standard of mask wear inside the building over other public spaces, but we continue to monitor changes in healthcare facility mask wear on a daily basis. As case numbers and hospitalizations decrease, our front desk staff will help you determine if mask wear is optional or highly recommended on any given day. Please continue to wear a mask if allergy or recent non Covid illness has left you with a cough or you are immunocompromised and at greater risk of Covid complications. Remember, handwashing, oral hygiene and cough courtesy are the best ways to help decrease the spread of illness. Feel free to contact us with any Covid related questions you may have. Our goal is to keep you healthy with a bright smile.