Anyone think they are experiencing bad breath due to wearing a face mask for Coronavirus? It is not an uncommon complaint we are hearing from patients since the start of the pandemic. You are actually not likely experiencing new bad breath (halitosis) but are more aware of bad breath while wearing a mask. The mask holds smells longer close to the nose where they can’t dissipate into the air. I actually believe it’s a good thing people are more aware of their breath. It can teach us that we are not doing as much as we could for our oral health (muself included at times).

Here are some helpful hints to improve your oral health and decrease halitosis at the same time.

1- Brush a minimum of twice daily

2- Floss in between teeth properly daily

3- Eat a low sugar, healthy diet (sugars are a main cause of bad breath and the favorite food of bacteria producing bad breath)

4- Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The bacteria that produce bad breath love a dry mouth. A moist, hydrated mouth promotes good bacteria.

If your bad breath persists, call the office. You may have an underlying dental condition (abcess, periodontal disease exascerbation, or cavity). I hope this helps all my patients tolerate the safety of mask wearing a little better. My staff and I are here to helps if a halitosis problem persists.

Always Kindly Yours,

Dr. Bickley