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Dentures and Partials

While we strive to help patients maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime, some circumstances such as fractures, trauma or periodontal disease lead to the unfortunate loss of teeth. With missing teeth, patients can lose their ability to chew properly, enjoy a variety of foods, and retain the structural stability of the mouth. To restore missing teeth, we offer several options including implants, bridges, dentures and partial dentures.

While implants and bridges look, feel and function more like natural teeth, their cost may be prohibitive and not all patients are good candidates for either option. In this case, dentures and partial dentures provide a less costly alternative. Dentures and partials are removable appliances consisting of replacement teeth attached to a pink, gum-colored acrylic base. Most dentures are made of a completely acrylic base, while some partials include a metal framework.

To create a denture or partial, we make a series of impressions and fittings to assure a good fit and natural-looking appearance. Wearing, speaking and eating with new dentures and partial dentures may be awkward initially, but within a few weeks and any minor dental adjustments, most patients find them quite comfortable.

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